User Accounts

  • To add a User Account, click User Accounts on the left hand menu
  • Select Accounts
  • It is important to ensure that there are no duplicate User identities for a single person. For this reason, it is recommended that you carry out an Existing User Search prior to creating a new account.
  • Once you have carried out a search, and ensured the User does not have an existing account, complete the Account Details form.
    • If you want to assign a Role for the User, select the Default Page from the drop down list.
    • Select whether the User can modify their own details??

  • Select Create Account.

Importing User Accounts

  • To import an existing list of User Accounts, select Accounts, then Import Accounts from the left hand menu bar.

  • Role: Select the Role of the Users you are importing. If the Users dont have a Role, select No Role.
  • Role Expiry Date: If the Role has an expiry, enter this.
  • Renew All Roles: 
  • CSV File: Browse and select the CSV file of Users you wish to import.
  • Click Import, and wait to load.

Exporting User Accounts

  • To export an existing list of User Accounts, select Accounts, then Export Accounts from the left hand menu bar.
  • Complete the search bar fields for the User you wish to export. To export all Users, leave the fields blank, select Show All Accounts, and click Search

  • The results of your search will appear in a list.
  • Select the Export button, on the bottom of your results list.

  • Select if you wish to open, or save the Exported file, and click OK.