Site Details

The Site Details contains your Site and Organisation details that are used to create your site. 

  • You can edit these details by highlighting the field and typing the new information. 
  • When you have completed your edit, click Save & Close.
  • This form includes;
    • Your Company Details - Insert your Company/Organisations details in the relevant fields.
    • Contact Details - These Contact details are inserted on your page, when utilising the Contact Widget on your Website, and all Membership Forms completed by Users are emailed to the email address provided.
    • Site Details -
      • Default Login Page for new Users: If you would like to set a Default page for Users to Login, select this page from the list.
      • Page Approval Process: Select from the drop down list, how you would like your pages activated when using Page Management
    • Tax Details & Site Fees-
      • Tax Rate: If you charge your Members tax for transactions through your Website, enter the Tax amount here. 
      • Tax Description: Enter the name of the tax you charge (eg; GST)
      • Service Fees: These fees are set by tellitence and cannot be edited.
      • Service Fees Type: Select from the drop down list if you would like to pass on the Service fees to the Members/purchases, or if your organisation will absorb the fees 
  • If you would like a site map for your Website, click Generate Site Map. This will generate a /sitemap.xml file, which is used by search engines when indexing your Website.
  • Once you have completed your Site details, click Save & Close