Managing an SMS Campaign

  • To Manage your SMS Campaign and send an SMS, click on the Manage icon  next to the Campaign you wish to manage.
  • On this page you can Create, Edit, Send or Delete SMS Messages.
  • The Email Management page also shows; 
    • Pending SMS
    • Campaign SMS Messages sent in the last 30 days.

Creating & Send a New SMS Message

  • To create a new SMS message, click on "New Message" under the SMS Messages heading

  • Complete the fields;
    • Message Title- This is used for your administrative reference only. 
    • From Name- Insert the name you would like the SMS signed from.
    • Message- Insert the SMS message that will be sent to the users, using a maximum of 140 characters.
  • Click Save.

  • Your SMS Campaign will now be listed on the SMS Campaign page.

Editing a Campaign

  • To Edit a Campaign, click the Edit icon  next to the campaign name you wish to edit
  • Once you have made  your changes, click Save.

Sending an SMS

  • Once you have Created the SMS message, you can send the message by clicking the Send SMS icon  from the SMS Campaign page
  • If you are working on a publicly accessible or imported list of subscribers, you will see a list of Subscribers to this Campaign. If the campaign has a linked or associated module see Associated & Linked Campaigns for more information on additional screens.
  • By default, all the Subscribers are checked to receive the message. If you wish to send the message to only certain Subscribers, uncheck the boxes for the Subscribers you do not wish to get the message.
  • When the Subscribers you wish to receive the message are checked, click Send SMS

Campaign SMS Pending

  • "The Campaign SMS Pending" section on the SMS Campaign page shows the messages that have been sent, the date they were sent, and the percentage of the messages that have been read by the receiver.