Page & Items Permissions and Approvals

  • To add, or change a Users Permissions, you need to click the Security tab in the top menu bar from the Administration Area. 
  • Select Roles from the left side menu
  • A list of current Roles is shown

Adding A Role

  • Scroll down to the "Add Role" section of the page, and complete the fields;
    • Role Name: The name in which the Users Role will be listed under (Eg; Staff, Associate Member, etc)
    • Role Description: Describe the role (Eg; Become an associate member of our great club!)
  • Click Save & Close

Assigning Permissions to a Role

  • To add or change the Permissions of a new or existing Role, click the Permissions icon 
  • The current Permissions are listed on this page.
  • To add Permissions to the User, select the Page, or the Module from the relevant drop down list, and click Add.
  • Once the Page or Module is listed, click to tick the boxes of the Privileges for that Role.
    • Page Editor: Can edit the page content in that area of the site or the default page content associated with a module
    • Item Contributor: Can add items within a module and edit only items they have added.
    • Item Administrator: Can add, edit or delete all items within a module, e.g. an event
    • Approver: Can approve Page Content or Items for display on the Web Site   
  • To delete a Permission, uncheck all the boxes for the role.
  • To give a user all Privileges, click Make Super User!

Editing a Role

  • To Edit the name or description of a Role, click the Edit Icon  next to the Role you wish to edit.
  • When you have completed your changes, click Save & Close.

Adding a User

  • To Add a User to a Role, select the Users icon  next to the relevant Role.
  • Select the Users name from the drop down list, and click Save.

Deleting a User

  • To Delete a User from a Role, select the Users icon  next to the relevant Role.
  • Click Delete next to the Users name, and click to confirm on the pop up.

Deleting A Role

  • To Delete a Role, click the Delete icon  next to the relevant role.