Product Import/Export

The product import/export feature is available for use when users want to import muiltple products or update batchs of information to products at once.

Importing Products

To import, a file must be in csv (comma seperated values) or zip (compressed) format

  • If the import file is type zip and contains images:
    • There must be ONE csv file inside the zip file
    • If there are images in the zip file the names of the images must be the same as the Image Name column in the csv file
    • Ensure that the correct options are selected
  • The first row in the import file will be reserved for headings and will be used to determine location of the values below
  • Each row in the import file must contain products details under their respective column heading
    • Brand Name - BRAND_NAME
    • Category Names - CATEGORY_NAMES
    • Long Description * - LONG_DESC
    • Master Price * - MASTER_PRICE
    • Stock On Hand * - STOCK_ON_HAND
    • Product ID - PRODUCT_ID
    • Short Description/Name * - SHORT_DESC
    • Special Price * - SPECIAL_PRICE
    • Image Name * - IMAGE_NAME
  • PLEASE NOTE: Only the above fields marked with an * will be updated during the import process
  • Imported rows will update an existing product if they match the product's internal ID and are in the selected category and/or brand
  • A new product will be created if it cannot be found and a category is selected

To see a sample CSV file please click here 

  • To import select the CSV file or zip folder you are importing.
  • Select either a category or brand.
  • If you want any new products to be activated immediatley after import, please select "YES".
  • Indicate what pixel width size you would like your thumbnails to be auto generated to. 
  • Click "Import Products".

You will be then taken to the next screen where you will:

  • Select the products you wish to import from the uploaded file
  • New products will not be selectable if a category has not been selected for this import
  • Details marked with  RED  are different from the current product details

Below is a sample of what you will see

Either click "Select All" or select the products you wish to import. Then click the green "Import" button.

If all import is successful you will see

If you don't get a "Success - Products imported" there is something not quite right with the CSV file you are trying to upload. If you do not recieve this Success message please review the CSV file and try again. If you can not get a successful import please raise a support ticket so we can help assist you with your import.

Importing Products with Variants

When importing products with varients you will need to remove the following columns from your CSV otherwise you will not have a success import;


Also beware if you change the ACTIVE column in your CSV it will NOT change during the import. You will need to manage this through the Store module itself.

Exporting Your Products

  • Products will be exported to a .csv file
  • Exported product can be changed and uploaded again via the Import Category Product section