Creating and Managing Your Product Categories

Creating Product Categories

When you first start creating your store you will need to create the categories you want to put your products into.

Scroll down to add a category on the Product Catalogue landing page at any time.

Firstly give your category a name

You can also place your categories in a specific order to display on the front end of your website.

Put in the description of the category. See Using the Editor for more details on how to create the content for this section.

You will need to tick this option for the category description to display on the frontend of the website.

You also have the option to hide the category from the menu and any widget outputs. This is useful if you want to have a hidden category page for specials that can only be accessed by a direct URL link.

If you have subcategories, select which categeory it is featured under.

Upload a image for your category and select if you would like your products within this category to display as a list or in quickview.

Updating Categories

Click on edit in the category list in Product Catalogue. You will be presented with the same options as above where you can change your details for the category.

You can also deactivate a category from displaying on the front end of the website if you no longer wish the products within the category to accessible to the public.

Click on the products icon to add products to the category. See Managing Products for more details on how to create and edit products.