Plain Content Blocks

When to use a Plain Content Block

  • A Plain Content Block, is used to insert general content onto your page, which you would otherwise normally enter via the Content Editor. The reason you would use a Content Block for this content, is to have it appear on your page below, or amongst other Content Blocks. 
  • A plain Content Block can include text, pictures, media and documents.

How to add a Plain Content Block

  • Once you have followed the instructions on Adding Content Blocks, locate your new Content Block on the Widgets page, and click on the  to enter the settings page.
  • If you need to expand the editor page, you can click and drag the bottom corner to increase the size.

  • Enter the content, as you would in to the Content Editor.

  • If you require features that are not in the Content Block settings (text alignment, symbols etc), you can enter your content into the Content Editor, and copy and paste it in to the Content Block.

  • Click Save, and you will be taken back to the Widgets page, which will show your updated Content Block. 

  • Content Blocks are live on your website page as soon as you click Save. So it is a good idea to preview your page and ensure the update is correct.

  • Below is how the Plain Content Block, shown above, will appear live on the Website. (Note: The text and colours may differ depending on the styling of your website)