Payment Methods

To be able to setup payment methods you will also need to have set a payment gateway for your store to take online payments. Other wise you can only set up manual payments for people to purchase through the cart process.

Adding in a payment type

  • Select what payment type from the drop down list shown above.
  • In this example we will be using Visa. Click "Add"

  • By default the Visa option will be available online only and set to automatically finalise. There is no need to alter these for online payments.
  • You have an option to charge a percentage surcharge on each payment method. 
  • Click on  to be able to make some alterations to Manual Payment Descriptions if you have selected this payment option to be manual. See below for what descriptions you can add to the invoice if manual payment option has been selected. (Most commonlly used for offline payments)

  • Add in all the types of payment options to complete the payment setup for your store.