Main Store Options

Within this section you will be able to set storewide options that will be reflected across the store module. See below for further explaination on what each option will allow.

Store Tax Information

  • Set the store tax rate here. In Australia the tax rate is 10%
  • Set the tax description. In Australia it is GST

Current Order Number

  • If you want to start your order numbers from a specific number, please indicate this here

Worldwide Information

  • If you want to ship to other countries outside of Australia you can indicate this by swtiching the following options to yes.

Stock Information

  • To show how much stock is availble on hand then switch to yes. Set your stock levels in the product management area.
  • When using stock management levels you can opt to show products in the store that have zero stock. If this option is selected to no, the product will not show on the website.
  • If you have opted to show zero stock products on your website, you also have the option to allow purchase on products with zero stock by switching this option to yes.
  • If you have subscription based products you will need to turn this option to yes.


Manual Payments

  • If you would like to allow manual payments (payment offline) you will need to switch this option to yes.

Discounts on Specials

  • To allow further discounts on already specially priced products this will need to be switched to yes. More on Special Price visit the product management area.

Product Weight and Dimensions

  • If you have all similar products that are the same weight and size, you can indicate these values here.
  • You can also select to display the products weight and dimenisions on the front end of the website.

Show Price without Tax applied

  • To show the price without the tax rate applied to it switch the following option to yes

Ship Now Email

  • To disable the ship now email that get sent to customers, ensure this option is switched to yes.

Internal Product ID

  • To display the internal procduct ID to the front of the website, ensure you have this option selected to yes. To ass an internal product ID  visit the product management area.

Product Varients

  • To turn on the functionailty of product varients, switch this option to yes. To learn more about product varients visit the product management area.

Credit Card CVN

  • To turn on the CVN option in the cart process switch this options to yes.

Fractional Units

  • If your store products are required to be sold in fractional units, ensure you have this option switched to yes.

Thank you Invoice

  • To have a special message on your invoices, you can type one here

Store Email

  • Put in the email address you would like all communication to be sent from the store here

Product Setup

  • Indicate how many products to be displayed per page
  • You can indicate what size you would like the thumbnail images to be generated to when product images are uploaded to the store. Default is set to 130px. (Please note to regenerate thumbnail size you will need to update this width size and then re-upload the product image to regenerate the thumbnail image to the new size)
  • Indicate what size the product image will be. Default is set to 400px. (Please note to regenerate product image size you will need to update this width size and then re-upload the product image to regenerate the new image size)
  • To indicate how long you would like a product to be classed as "new", indicate the days here.
  • You can upload an image that will display if no image is availabe. There is already an image here by default.

Once you have completed your store configurations setting click save