Inserting Links into your Page Content

You have two options for inserting a link into your page content, depending on if the link is internal or external i.e. if you wish to link to a page that is inside or outside of your own website. Firstly you will need to go to the Content Editor screen for the page that you wish to edit. (See Using the Editor).

Inserting an internal link

  1. To insert a link to any page within your site, click on the Insert Link icon as shown on the right. This will bring up a pop-up window of all of the pages within your site. 
  2. Choose the page that you would like to link to and click on it. The page name will be inserted into your content underlined and in blue to change the wording that appears click on the blue content and change it to the required text. 

  • TIP: After you have created a hyperlink it is best to ensure that it works properly, do this when you have finished editing the page, create a preview of the page (Select  in the content editor) and click on your newly created link to test it.

Inserting an external link

  1. To insert a link to an external website select the text that you wish to link and click on the Hyperlink icon as shown on the right. 
  2. The Hyperlink Properties pop-up window will appear, as shown below on the right). Ensure the URL button is selected.  Enter the required website address in the URL field. (We would recommend copying and pasting the address from your browser to ensure accuracy.) 
  3. If you wish the website to open in a new window in the Target: field type _blank. Click OK to return to the Content Editor.

Inserting an email address link

  1. Follow step 1 for Insering an external link
  2. Change the Link Type to Email
  3. Enter email address and additional details

Deleting a Hyperlink

  1. To delete a hyperlink select the text that you wish to remove the link from then click on the icon as shown on the right. 

Making a Button

  1. You can turn your link in to a styled button, by clicking the Advanced tab in the Hyperlink icon , and then in the Stylesheet Classes field, type the code btn. (See picture below)