Events Module

What does the events module do?

The Events Module is a great way to show upcoming events on your website.

An Events page displays all of the current event items and automatically removes events when the have occured in the past.  As well as the Events page, the "Events Module" can easily be displayed on any page of your website, automatically displaying the last five events.

This section covers:

  • Adding an Events Page
  • Adding an Event Item using "Quick Add An Event"
  • Adding an Event Item using "Add An Event"
  • Editing an Event Item
  • Activating an Event Item
  • Deactivating an Event Item
  • Approving an Event Item
  • Deleting an Event Item


To display events, you will need to have a page on your website selecting "Events" as the Module Name. The page must also be active. You will be able to tell which page is assigned to the Events Module by the Events icon (as shown below). If you would like any text to appear above your Events, enter it into the content editor within Page Administration.

Refer: Adding Pages


To access the Events Module click on the Modules icon in the top navigation and select "Events" from the dropdown list. You will be taken to the Events Administration area, which shows all of the Events items on your website.

There are 3 different settings for the events module which are controlled by us. If you only have the basic events calendar you will not see the last two options "Registration" and "Ticketing". You must have an online payment gateway to have online ticketing setup. If you wish to enquire about adding more features to your events module please Request Support.


  • To add an Event Item select "Add an Event"  from the left hand menu:

  • A new screen for Add An Event will appear as shown below: (Note: depending on your module settings you may not see the Registration or Ticketing Tabs).

There are 9 tabs of information. Only the first tab has the only mandatory fields and the others are all optional. 

  • General:
    • Event Name, 
    • Event Start Date 
    • Start Time (optional)
    • Event End Date
    • Event End Time (optional)
    • Event Short Description  (optional)
  • Details
    • Event Type
    • Event Long Description (using Content Editor)
    • Plus other optional fields including, Organisation, Accreditation Available and Categories (if turned on for your site) select the categories you wish to have the event shown in 
  • Images/Documents
    • Upload Images, thumbnail images and pdf documents to the event here if required
  • Contact Details
    • All of the details for the contact person for this event
  • Location 
    • All event location details : this will be shown with a Google Map link on the event display if entered
  • Sponsors
    • Optional fields to upload a sponsor name and logo
  • Website
    • Option to link to an external website
  • Registration 
    • If you wish to take online registration please select “yes” under the registration tab and choose the dates registrations open and close.
    • The registration fee field is only to be used if you are not taking online payments, once you select Allow Online Registration "Yes" the ticketing tab will also appear.
    • For more information on event registrations see "Taking Online Registrations below"
  • Ticketing
    • See information below on selling tickets to an event.
    • NOTE: Online ticketing is only available if you have a payment gateway setup. If you can’t see this tab please raise a support request by emailing: 

Once you have completed the fields you wish to use, click the Save & Close button.

You will now be returned to the Events Administration Area, where your event item will be displayed as inactive and awaiting approval.


  1. To take online payment for events you will need to create an event as shown above and under Registration  "Allow Online Registration" marked as Yes
  2. Have an online payment gateway setup on your site
  3. As mentioned above there are 3 levels of the events module which control your access so if you still can't see the ticketing tab, please Request Support.
  • Click on edit button located to the right of the even you wish to sell tickets for 
  • Then click on the ticketing tab
  • Select “Yes” to Accept Online Payments, you will then be able to see a new screen to "Add Tickets" and "Products" for sale


  • You can now create a range of tickets with different prices and also different % discounts for your various members or website roles. Plus also sell additional products i.e. a promotional shirt or a hamper for your event at the same time.
  • To add your first ticket click “Add Ticket”
  • Ticket Type - this is the same of your ticket that people will choose 
  • Description that will be visible to your website visitors
  • No. Available: You can choose the number of tickets that are available which will decrement as they sell and will stop selling once they are all gone. Note: If people add a ticket to their purchase and don't complete the transaction it will be held for 15 minutes before it will be made available again for sale.
  • Price:  Enter the price that each ticket will sell for. Remember any additional transaction or service fees will be added on top of this price.
  • Discounts – You can now give your members or website users who have a particular role a percentage discount on this ticket. Select the role you wish to apply the discount to from the Role dropdown box and then enter the Percentage discount they will receive. THEN click on the + button to add this discount. 
  • You can continue adding multiple discounts to different roles.
  • Once you have finished click “Add” to complete the ticket creation
  • The ticket type will then appear on your screen as inactive, click the red button to activate your new ticket.  Note: if the event is also active and registrations are open the tickets will be available on your website instantly. Once your ticket is active it will be displayed with a green "Active Button"  
  • Continue adding tickets until you are finished,
  • then you can also add “Products” which will be available to purchase on the next screen after a website visitor has chosen their tickets.
  • Adding products is the same process as for adding tickets. Note: products will be available for purchase after a website visitor has selected a ticket to purchase.
  • For more information on tracking event attendance and ticketing see below.

Once you have finished click on Save and Close for your event. NOTE: NO Ticket Changes will be saved unless you click on the Save and Close overall for the event. 

Buying Tickets Online

  • For an event with online ticketing website visitors will see the range of prices available on the event homepage screen and need to click on the "Purchase Tickets" button.
  • If they are already members and have an account on the website they need to login prior to purchasing tickets to see their discounted price.
  • A pop-up screen will appear that will ask them to select the number of each ticket they would like to purchase. If there are no more of a selected ticket available it will say "Sold Out". NOTE: If tickets are selected and the transaction is not finalised they will be returned to being avalailable again after 15 minutes.

  • Visitors will then be asked if they would like to purchase any of the additional products that are available

  • They will process their ticket sales through the online payment gateway that is availble on your website and then receive confirmation that their sale was successful.
  • The main website administrator will receive a confirmation email that someone has registered to the event with details of what tickets they purchased and how they paid

  • Attendees will also receive an email with confirmation of their purchase.



Registering for an Event Online

  • For an event with online registrations website visitors will click on a "Register" button on the relevant event and enter their details.

  • When an website visitor registers for an event and completes the above form they will see a pop-up screen to tell them their registration was successful

  • The primary website administrator will receive an email confirming that the person has registered for an event. 

  • The person that registers will also receive an email to confirm that they have registered

  • The attendee will also be able to log back into the website and view all of their previous event registrations by logging and clicking on the "View Your Event Registrations" link


Registration Report

  • To view a full list of who has registered for an event click on the "Registrations icon" located to the right of the selected event 

  • It will take you to the Registration Report - which can also be accessed by the left navigation menu, by clicking on Reports and select "Registration Reports"
  • Select the relevant event from the dropdown list
  • The Registration report will allow you to see the
    • Name: of all registered attendees,
    • Email: address and click on the icon to email them directly,
    • Registration Date: 
    • Number of Attendees: The number of attendees that they listed were coming on the form
    • Details: If you click on the eye icon you will be able to see all of their registration details 
  • You can also export all of the information to a csv file by clicking the "Export to CSV" button.

Registration Summary Report

  • To access the registration summary report click on Reports and then "Registration Summary" in the left hand navigation.
  • Select the relevant event from the dropdown box

If the event you are looking at has registrations only it will only show only the maximum number of attendees

If the event has ticketing as well as registrations it will show the following details including all number of each ticket sold, total sales and number of available tickets. To change the number of available tickets at anytime see "Selling Tickets to an Event" above.


  • To edit an Event, click on the Edit button, located to the right of the Event Name you wish to edit.
  • A new screen will appear with all of the same fields as the Add An Event window.
  • Once you have made the relevant changes click on the Save & Close button.

You will now be returned to the Events Administration Area, where your event item changes will be awaiting Submission.


  • Once you have added an Event Item it will automatically be created as Inactive. (Therefore the Event Item will not appear on your website).
  • To make an Event Item Active, click on the red Activate button to the right of the Event Name. The button will change to green Activate.


  • To remove an Event Item from your live website, you need to make the Event Item Inactive.
  • To make an Event Item Inactive, click on the green Activate button to the right of the Event Name. The button will change to red  inactive.


  • How to approve an Event Item, depends on which Powersites package you are using.
  • There may be three levels of Approval before the Event Item appears on your live website.
    • Activate.
    • Activate, Submit.
    • Activate, Submit, Approve.
  • For more information on approvals and permissions see Permissions & Approvals


  • To delete an Event Item, click on the Delete button, located to the right of the Event Name.
  • A warning screen will appear, click OK to proceed with the deletion.