Your website Dashboard is a tool used to give a summary of the activity on your website. Any changes made to your dashboard will only affect your account, so you can create the dashboard how you want it. It shows recent site changes, page views, discussion forum activity, events and memberships and plus. 

Plus, you can schedule a regular Dashboard Report to be emailed to you, and you can add and change the Widgets to customise the information you would like to view.

To get to the Dashboard, select the Dashboard tab from the top menu. The page you arrive on will appear like the sample below;

Adding Widgets to Dashboard

  • To add a Widget to your Dashboard, click the Edit button  at the top of the page above the reports.  
  • The Add Widget, and Edit Preferences buttons. Click Add Widget
  • Select which Widget you would like to appear on your Dashboard from the pop-up, and click + Add Widget

Editing Widgets

  • To resize, or edit the settings of a Widget, click the cog icon  on the top right of the Widget
  • Select if you would like the Widget to display small, medium or large.
  • Select the number or days or weeks to include in the report

Re-Ordering Widgets

  • To move and re-order Widgets on your Dashboard display, click and hold your left mouse button on the report heading, and drag and drop the Widget to the desired location. 

Deleting Widgets

  • To Delete a Widget from the Dashboard, click the X icon in the top right corner of the Widget. 

Dashboard Report Preferences

  • A Dashboard Report, containing the reports displayed on your Dashboard, can be emailed to you on a one off, or regular basis. 
  • To set your preferences of the frequency of the Dashboard Report, click the edit icon  at the top of the screen
  • Click  to add an email address, and select the frequency of the report.