Abandoned Orders

Sites that use Eway, or other real time payment gateways may find that the order will go to Abandoned Orders as the order has not been processed correctly by the system. 

Why has the order gone to Abandoned Orders?

  • Orders may be lost in situations such as when the user has paid at the eWAY payment gateway and not clicked the continue button to return to your StoreTiger site.
  • These orders can be discovered by looking at your eWAY transaction record, they will not be present in your Order Management area. 
  • Not all orders returned by this search have failed, you must use your own judgement deciding if an order has been paid for or not.

How do I process an order in Abandoned Orders?

  • Click "Process Now" to send the order to Order Management
  • From here, you can then check off the payment and follow your usual process for dispatch.

Finding an order in Abandoned Orders

  • You can find an order in one of two ways; 
    • Complete the search fields to carry out a search for the order
    • View the list of unprocessed orders below the search field